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Address: Cunard Centre in West Beach, CobhWeb:

The Escapade Cobh experience is available for teams of 2 to 6 people. The aim of the game is to escape from the game within a set time limit by solving riddles and puzzles using the cryptic clues given.

Whether an afternoon with the family, night out with a group of friends or a team building evening, you will love the excitement that Escapade Cobh has to offer.We promise you will not be disappointed.

It will be a fabulous experience where your whole team/family work together but independently. Everyone will have their own role to play in order to escape within the hour. You will love the experience and we would be thrilled to see you on our “Wall of Fame” as successful escapades.

Whether you “Escape from Spike Island” take part in a “Late Night Bank Robbery” or help “Sherlock Holmes” to solve his final case before his retirement, the question is have you got what it takes to succeed?.

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Opening Times

09:00 - 21:00


Escape Rooms

Visitor Information

Where is Escapade Cobh located?

We are right in the centre of Cobh in the Cunard Centre. Cunard Centre 1

We are opposite the Centra shop in this historic building that was the offices of the Cunard Shipping Line when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sank. In more recent times the building was used as a bank and the vaults, safes and bank counter still remain.

Will I enjoy this?
It is a unique experience that is challenging and fun. Each room is carefully designed to ensure maximum entertainment value. If you are looking for a fun group activity or family day out that is slightly different this is the activity for you.

How difficult is the game?

Common sense and thinking outside the box goes a lot further than intelligence.

How long does this take? Please allow for 1 hour and 20 minutes to explain the rules at the beginning, play the game, and answer questions after.

Who normally plays this?

A complete mix of personalities, ages, sexes and nationalities play live escape games. Teams can be made up of friends, family, work colleagues, groups of students, tourists and many others. It is a great team and corporate building exercise or a fantastic experience for celebrating a special occasion.

Am I safe?

Yes you are completely safe. There is no fear aspect within any of the rooms and if you want to leave the room at any point you can. All rooms are monitored by staff at all times.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

Our rooms are designed for a maximum of 6 people, although a little flexibility is possible. 2 people is the minimum required.

What ages can play?

Please Note: The puzzles included in the game are designed for adults, but we welcome players of any age over 10 years old. Under 18’s must be accompanied by at least one adult aged 18+ per child, with a minimum of 2 adults per game.

Are tickets refundable?
No. Tickets are non-refundable after purchase.

What time should we arrive?

We ask all players to arrive 10 minutes before the given appointment. Games need to start on time and team members arriving late cannot be admitted.

Do you cater for Children’s Birthday parties?

Yes. We welcome enquiries for parties for children twelve years and over and can cater for a maximum of eight children. A parent must monitor the game from our reception area with a member of staff – it’s like watching your children on television and is good fun! Please contact Rachael on 087 6790897 for further information.

Do you offer any discounts?

At the moment we do not.
Are you affiliated with any other Escape Rooms in additional cities? No we are not.

Can I host a corporate event here for team building outside of the regular schedule?

Absolutely! Please call or email Rachael / 087 679 0897 to schedule your event. We offer fantastic corporate rates for large groups/school teams ensuring a great day for you, your staff and your students.

Contact us now and book your new team building experience!