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Ring of Cork

From Family Fun and Adventure Breaks, Historic Trails, Romantic Getaways, Sporting Stays, Beach Walks and Spa-breaks!

The Ring of Cork has it all

Come explore a small corner of Ireland’s Ancient East

“The Ring of Cork is a place where you come to explore to immerse yourself in our rich History and Culture, to enjoy and leave with Memories”

From Tall ships to Tall tales, castles and cathedrals, forts & convict prisons, cruise liners to beautiful beaches, open golf to open arms, emigration to outdoor adventure, Heritage towns to walking trails, Sunken ships to sinking pints, maritime to monkeys, stately homes to farmers markets.

The Ring of Cork has it all –and then some.

Come to explore – leave wanting more.”

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14 fantastic places to eat during your Ring of Cork 2020 staycation

In our previous staycation blog posts we looked at where to stay and activities to do while you're there but now, more importantly, it's time to look at where to eat! The Ring of Cork has many fabulous restaurants and eateries that just can't wait to welcome guests...

Your Summer guide on where to Staycation 2020 in the breathtaking Ring of Cork

Summer is here and we're looking to Staycation Summer 2020 within the Ring of Cork within East Cork and Cork Harbour. Obviously 2020 is an exceptional year so far, but there are still plenty of places to relax and enjoy right here at home while enjoying all of the...

27 Amazing Activities for your Staycation 2020 in the Ring of Cork

In our last staycation post we looked at where to staycation in the Ring of Cork. There are plenty of activities and things to do along the Ring of Cork that you can still socially distance while enjoying the family. Outdoors Outdoor activities are going to be the...

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