Ring of Cork FAM Trip to ZipIt

04 Jun 2019

Ring of Cork

Taking a well-earned break from the daily hustle and bustle of their businesses, our Ring Of Cork members took part in a Familiarisation Trip on Thursday morning the 4th April to experience all that ZipIt in Farran Woods had to offer.

Some of our cohorts were well versed in zipping through the trees, and others were totally new to the experience. What we learned when we arrived was that thanks to the in-depth safety induction, and to the knowledge and enthusiasm of the ZipIt team, we would all be able to try our hand at ZipIt no matter our skill or experience level.

Armed with the wisdom that Steve, Mike, and Chris passed onto us at our induction phase, we took to the trees. The selection of courses enabled us to pick and choose what we wanted to tackle based on our abilities – and our need for adrenaline!

The Green Course suited those just looking to test the waters with heights at around one meter, this provided plenty of fun with a little adventure too. Then onto the Orange Course, from shaky suspension bridges to tight wires and zip lines, this course was a bit more of a test and had platforms up to four meters high! The brave and the bold carried on to the White Course. ‘Upside down bicycles’, netted climbing walls, ten meter heights and plenty of thrills entailed on this leg of the adventure, with plenty of exhilarated screeches to be heard for miles.

Those members who had gotten enough of a taste already got to stroll around the stunning grounds of Farran Woods and take in some breath-taking scenery, and a lucky few got to carry on to bigger and better heights on the Blue Course. This course included heights of up to fifteen metres, and saw our members zipping across the woods and even enjoying their very own mission impossible style moment with the free fall rope as a finale.

While we didn’t have the time to progress to the daunting thrills of the Red Course, many of our participants pledged they would come back for more to finish the whole course! A huge thanks is in order to Claire, Chris and all the ZipIt team for facilitating this brilliant trip. It provided a fantastic opportunity to explore the facilities and what’s more is that our members got the chance to mingle and forge lasting connections.

From ZipIt we made our way to the Oriel House Hotel to enjoy some tea, coffee and delicious scones during our networking session. This gave members the chance to interact and get to know one another in a relaxed setting, and it proved to be very beneficial.  Thank you to Janice, Ciara and all the team at the Oriel House Hotel for providing us a wonderful setting for the networking session.

If you are interested in booking in for our upcoming ‘fam’ trips, check out our member’s page and book yourself in! We have a few more chances to take part and build your connections before the summer season gets in to full swing.


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