ZIPIT – Farran Wood

Zipit is a high wire forest adventure park with a difference. A place for young and old, where children can let their imagination run wild and where adults can embrace their inner child. You can climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, even ride a bmx across a bridge, before zipping down one of our many ziplines. Come as a family, come on your own, or bring along a group. Children from age 7 to adults can enjoy up to 4 hours of excitement and adventure.

Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or just looking to try something different, Zipit offers a unique outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy. Forget the day to day stuff. Put down your smartphone. Escape the office. Get back to nature and let yourself go!

ZipitFP Course Map


Visitor Information

By the Numbers...
How big is Zipit?

Zipit Farran covers 1.2km of treetop activities.
How many levels?

There are 5 circuits for different age, height and ability.
How long does it take?

You have a maximum of 4 hours, long enough to complete 3 circuits!
How many activities?

There are over 86 activities between platforms in the trees!
Lots of ziplines?

Over 800m in total!
Longest zipline?

How high is the Green Circuit?

From 1 - 2 metres high, great for kids and beginners.
How high is the Orange Circuit?

Up to 5 metres high, perfect for families.
How high is the White Circuit?

Up to 8 metres high, challenging for some, warm up for others...
How high is the Blue Circuit?

The highest point is about 15 metres. It's our longest circuit, plenty of ziplines.
How high is the Red Circuit?

Try our freefall base jump from 15 metres... Nerves of steel required...