2020 Cork Harbour Cruise Ship Schedule

February 11, 2020

The Port of Cork have released the 2020 Cork Harbour Cruise Ship schedule.

March 2020

SAGA SAPPHIRE752Mar 13th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMar 13th at 17:00
MARCO POLO922Mar 23rd at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMar 23rd at 15:30

April 2020

MARCO POLO922Apr 6th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 6th at 15:30
MARCO POLO922Apr 13th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 13th at 16:00
ASTORIA580Apr 14th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 14th at 18:00
ROTTERDAM1668Apr 17th at 10:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 17th at 23:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Apr 21st at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBApr 21st at 16:00
MARCO POLO922Apr 24th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 24th at 16:00
L’AUSTRAL264Apr 29th at 06:30South JettiesApr 29th at 18:00
MSC SPLENDIDA3959Apr 29th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 29th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Apr 30th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalApr 30th at 17:00

May 2020

L’AUSTRAL264May 3rd at 08:30Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 3rd at 18:30
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046May 5th at 10:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 5th at 18:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605May 6th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 6th at 19:00
ARTANIA1323May 6th at 09:00Ringaskiddy DWBMay 6th at 17:00
MARCO POLO922May 7th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 7th at 14:00
L’AUSTRAL264May 7th at 11:00South JettiesMay 7th at 19:00
SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER754May 11th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 11th at 18:00
VEENDAM1613May 12th at 08:00Ringaskiddy DWBMay 12th at 18:00
L’AUSTRAL264May 13th at 06:30South JettiesMay 13th at 18:00
MSC SPLENDIDA3959May 13th at 11:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 13th at 20:00
BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS2500May 14th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 14th at 20:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000May 15th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 15th at 16:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046May 16th at 09:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 16th at 17:00
MARCO POLO922May 22nd at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 22nd at 22:00
AIDAVITA1582May 25th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 25th at 18:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000May 29th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 29th at 16:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605May 30th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 30th at 19:00
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER154May 31st at 06:00South JettiesMay 31st at 22:00
ALBATROS-812May 31st at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalMay 31st at 18:00

June 2020

CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Jun 1st at 08:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 1st at 23:00
AZAMARA PURSUIT777Jun 2nd at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 2nd at 22:00
BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS2500Jun 3rd at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 3rd at 16:00
QUEEN VICTORIA2144Jun 9th at 06:30Ringaskiddy DWBJun 9th at 18:00
SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER754Jun 9th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 9th at 17:00
BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS2500Jun 10th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 10th at 16:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Jun 11th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 11th at 19:00
VASCO DA GAMA1625Jun 14th at 04:00Ringaskiddy DWBJun 14th at 12:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Jun 14th at 11:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 14th at 19:00
BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS2500Jun 18th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 18th at 19:00
EUROPA 2544Jun 18th at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBJun 18th at 18:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Jun 20th at 08:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 20th at 17:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Jun 23rd at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 23rd at 16:00
COLUMBUS1856Jun 23rd at 10:30Ringaskiddy DWBJun 23rd at 20:00
MAGELLAN1794Jun 25th at 11:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 25th at 20:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Jun 28th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 28th at 18:00
SEA PRINCESS2342Jun 30th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJun 30th at 22:00

July 2020

CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Jul 2nd at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 2nd at 18:00
NAUTICA777Jul 4th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 4th at 20:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Jul 5th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 6th at 14:00
SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR530Jul 11th at 09:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 11th at 20:00
ORIANA1804Jul 13th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 13th at 18:00
AEGEAN ODYSSEY720Jul 14th at 07:00South JettiesJul 15th at 16:00
NAUTICA777Jul 15th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 15th at 20:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Jul 17th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 18th at 14:00
BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS2500Jul 21st at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 21st at 18:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Jul 22nd at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 22nd at 16:00
CRYSTAL SYMPHONY975Jul 27th at 07:30Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 27th at 18:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Jul 29th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalJul 29th at 19:00

August 2020

ARTANIA1323Aug 4th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 4th at 18:00
MARINA-1258Aug 5th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 5th at 17:00
AIDAVITA1582Aug 5th at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBAug 5th at 18:00
AEGEAN ODYSSEY720Aug 6th at 06:30South JettiesAug 6th at 16:00
SEABOURN QUEST478Aug 9th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 9th at 17:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Aug 10th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 10th at 19:00
ARCADIA2556Aug 11th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 11th at 18:00
CELEBRITY REFLECTION3046Aug 12th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 12th at 16:00
ARTANIA1323Aug 12th at 12:00Ringaskiddy DWBAug 12th at 20:00
MSC SPLENDIDA3959Aug 20th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 20th at 16:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Aug 22nd at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalAug 22nd at 17:00

September 2020

NORWEGIAN STAR3000Sep 2nd at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 2nd at 16:00
MARCO POLO922Sep 3rd at 11:00Ringaskiddy DWBSep 3rd at 19:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Sep 3rd at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 4th at 17:00
AZAMARA QUEST702Sep 6th at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 6th at 22:00
CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE2886Sep 7th at 09:30Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 7th at 19:00
SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY990Sep 8th at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBSep 8th at 17:00
MSC SPLENDIDA3959Sep 13th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 13th at 16:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Sep 14th at 07:00Ringaskiddy DWBSep 14th at 16:00
INSIGNIA702Sep 14th at 09:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 14th at 20:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Sep 16th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 16th at 16:00
MAGELLAN1794Sep 16th at 09:00Marino PointSep 16th at 19:00
SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER754Sep 19th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 19th at 17:00
SIRENA824Sep 22nd at 06:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 22nd at 16:00
MAGELLAN1794Sep 22nd at 11:00Marino PointSep 22nd at 18:30
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Sep 26th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 26th at 16:00
REGAL PRINCESS3605Sep 27th at 08:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 27th at 17:00
SIRENA824Sep 27th at 08:00Ringaskiddy DWBSep 27th at 18:00
NAUTICA777Sep 30th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalSep 30th at 20:00

October 2020

ARTANIA1323Oct 5th at 12:00Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 5th at 19:00
MAGELLAN1794Oct 6th at 10:00Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 6th at 19:00
NORWEGIAN STAR3000Oct 8th at 07:00Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 8th at 16:00
MAGELLAN1794Oct 22nd at 11:00Cobh Cruise TerminalOct 22nd at 20:00

December 2020

MARCO POLO922Dec 7th at 13:00Cobh Cruise TerminalDec 7th at 21:00
MARCO POLO922Dec 21st at 13:00Cobh Cruise TerminalDec 21st at 21:00


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