Compostable Take-away Boxes to Cut Food Waste For Irish Businesses

November 12, 2019

Savour Food
  • Businesses across Munster commit to reduce food waste
  • 100 compostable boxes to be provided free of charge to participating food businesses
  • Irish food businesses waste 150,000 tonnes of food every year.

A new initiative is encouraging businesses in Munster to reduce food waste.

The Savour Food initiative supports food businesses to reduce their waste and their latest project sees restaurants provide take-away food boxes to consumers who would like to bring their leftovers home with them.

In a further move to promote sustainability, the food boxes are 100% compostable.

This initiative will allow participating businesses to reduce food waste while raising awareness around food waste amongst staff and customers. It is estimated that Irish food businesses waste 150,000 tonnes of food every year.

Businesses involved in the initiative so far include The Bramley Lodge in Carrigtwohill, Co Cork and The Yarn Café at Carebright in Bruff, Co. Limerick. Additional Savour Food businesses can be viewed on

James Hogan, Programme Manager said:

“In Ireland we waste a million tonnes of food waste every year, which is a huge shame. For the food service sector, accurate portion control is a key part of reducing waste and reducing costs. However there will be times when the customer will not eat all that’s on their plate. We want to see this food going to a good home rather than being wasted.”

Five facts about food waste in Ireland

  1. It is estimated that every year the Irish food sector wastes 150,000 tonnes of food.
  2. The main sources of food waste in the Irish food service sector are plate waste (38%), preparation waste (35%) and unserved food waste (27%).
  3. A proportion of ‘unavoidable’ food waste comes from peelings and off-cuts. On average, this waste accounts for just 25% of food waste thrown away.
  4. Food waste has been calculated to cost €2.73 – €3.50 per kilogram.
  5. If food waste cannot be prevented, donating or distributing to people is the next best option. More information is available from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Information from the Less Food Waste More Profit publication by the Clean Technology Centre.

About Savour Food

Savour Food is a food waste reduction initiative for business. The Clean Technology Centre (CIT), SECAD and Ballyhoura Development CLG have joined forces to assist businesses to cut food waste costs.

Savour Food supports food processors, food retailers and those in the food service industry based in East Cork, Clonakilty and Ballyhoura regions.

The pilot programme is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine from the Department’s Rural Innovation and Development Fund and available to businesses free of charge.

Full Press Release

For more information contact:

Keelin Tobin, Project Co-Ordinator


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