Tullamore Night at JJ’s Coppingers

J.J. Coppingers
13 March

Being our 2nd birthday, what better way to mark the anniversary than making you laugh, cry and a little tipsy all in one night. On March 29, J.J.Coppinger’s welcomes Tullamore Dew for yet another entertaining whiskey tasting. The special ingredient on this occasion is not a food but the storytelling of Seanchai Pat Speight.

Not only will you be regaled by the tale of Midleton’s legendary J.J.Coppinger’s but also that of the Irish emigrant. Tullamore D.E.W was first made in 1829 and was sold primarily for export, especially to Irish who had emigrated to America. Over recent years, Tullamore DEW has been reminding audiences of the positive impact and collective importance of Irish immigrants, just like J.J.Coppinger, in building America today.

Indeed, Tullamore Dew is rooted in a historic association with Irish emigrants and is now the second largest Irish whiskey in the world. Crafted to be enjoyed wherever true characters gather, Tullamore Dew revolutionised the whiskey industry by introducing Ireland’s first blended whiskey. True craft could only come from the true character.

This event will appeal to the more free-spirited of characters, those that wish to be inspired, their imaginations captivated. After all, legends don’t make history by staying home.

Tickets include:

  • Blended whiskey tasting by Kevin Piggot, Distillery Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W
  • Irish emigrant folk tales by one of Ireland’s best-known Storytellers, Pat Speight, aka Pat The Hat
  • Whiskey & beer pairing (Cotton Ball’s Indian Summer American Pale Ale)
  • Whiskey sour cocktail
  • Some finger food soakage!



Poster Where True Characters Gather Tullamore Whiskey

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Organiser: J.J. Coppingers

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