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Baby Kate Flynn Charity Cycle

This year Cork’s Little Heroes will be organising a 100k and 50k Charity Cycle to raise funds for Baby Kate Flynn. Follow Baby Kate’s Story on https://www.facebook.com/BabyKateFlynn/?fref=ts

Kate is a three and a half year old little girl from Cobh in Co. Cork. She lives with mum Lisa, dad Mark and her two brothers Adam and Alex. Kate has spent most of her life in hospital and she is currently in hospital in Crumlin in Dublin. Kate has a tracheostomy and she needs a ventilator to breath for her. Prior to this hospital admission Kate was able to breath on her own during the day and only needed her ventilator when she went to sleep at night. Now Kate needs her ventilator to breath for her 24 hours per day. At the moment her doctors are unsure if she will be able to breath on her own again in the future or, if she does improve now will she deteriorate again at a later date.
Unfortunately our house in Cobh is three storeys. Kate needs to be on the ground floor. Kates current bedroom is in a small storeroom off our kitchen. It has no window so there is no access to freshair or natural light. We have no bathing facility for Kate downstairs. We have no storage space for all of Kates medical supplies so there are boxes in every room of our house. We love our house but prior to Kates deterioration it was not suitable for Kates needs. Complaints had been made by our nurses on health and safety in Kates bedroom because of lack of space. At the moment Kate is in a cot and a bed will not fit in this room.
Now, following these new changes to Kates condition she will definately be limited to the ground floor which is only her tiny room and the kitchen. This is because she will have the ventilator with humidifyer and a large stand attached to her at all times so it would be unsafe to bring her upstairs.
Any help you can give us now or in the future to help Kate have a safe home suitable for her current and unknown future needs would be greatly appreciated.

The event is finished.


Apr 29 - 30 2017


09:30 - 16:00


Ballincollig Rugby Club
Ballincollig R.F.C., Caisleán View, Coolroe, Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland


Baby Kate Flynn

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