Elizabeth Duffy – Artist Talk

July 29, 2015

Elizabeth Duffy – Artist Talk
Sirius Arts Centre Artist’s Residence, Cobh

Thursday 30th July 6.30pm

elisabeth duffy

There is no charge for this event but booking is required. Please contact the office on 021 4813790 / info@siriusartscentre.ie

Elizabeth Duffy, current artist in residence at Sirius Arts Centre (1st- 31st July), invites you to the residency apartment and studio for a presentation about work in process.

Her project, called “Maximum Security” includes prints and quilts made from aerial views of a number of prisons including one from Fort Mitchel on Spike Island, which was used as a prison until 2004. Traditional quilt patterns have much in common with shapes used in prison design; both use symmetry and blocks of repeating geometric shapes that radiate outward from a central axis. Quilts immediately bring to mind ideas of home and security, of communities and their histories and of labor and women’s work. As heirlooms they carry on narratives that are otherwise forgotten. By making works that meld homespun process with information hidden from the public sphere, this project raises questions about transparency and the broad surveillance of private space in our current digital landscape, and the curtailment of freedom, whether actual or perceived.

The talk will start at 6.30pm sharp, followed by an informal discussion.



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