Youghal Clock Gate will re-open this August

June 27, 2016

Youghal Clock Gate will re-open this August

Youghal Clock Gate will re-open this August - Ring of Cork

Excitement builds as works get underway on The Youghal Clockgate Tower Visitor Experience!
Due to open in August 2016, Youghal’s Clockgate will see Youghal become an integral part of Ireland’s Ancient East

“The story of the Clock Gate Tower in Youghal will be told through the lives of some of those who were part of its history over the centuries. These powerful stories of individuals and groups of people from the past will help to visitor to see the iconic tower in a new light and understand its significance in Youghal and the wider area over the centuries.”.

Youghal’s Clock Gate occupies the former site of Trinity Castle, one of the five principle gates of the late 14th /15th century town.  The large, commanding structure of Trinity Castle was the dividing gate between the Maintown and the Basetown.  By the mid 16th Century the Corporation decided to lease out the castle for private use.

“In 1563 the merchant Melchior Bluet leased the building, possibly as a residence; This was replaced in 1620 with a more modern building which included an imposing, distinctive Clock, and the building was to become known as the Clockgate Tower.
The Clock’s function was not only to tell the time of day but to issue warnings, announce events, but peculiarly to broadcast the death of children. Over time the clock became a symbol of the society and shared community of Youghal.   By the mid to late 18th century, Trinity Castle was in a dilapidated condition, and in 1773 the Corporation decided to knock down the building (saving the clock and bell) and replace it with one that had sufficient room for a gaol and gaoler’s house.  The present monument was erected in 1777 and designed by local architect William Meade, who also designed The Mall House, which is now the town’s Civic Offices.  By 1836, the Government ordered the gaol to be closed down until a new one was built.”

The Conservation Plan:
As the business plan was developing it became evident that a conservation plan would be required as the building is a National Monument.   Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd was commissioned to  carry out a conservation plan for the building.  The plan was funded by SECAD, The YSEDG and Youghal Town Council.  The Conservation Plan sets out what actions need to be taken prior to any proposed future development works, and also identifies the structural and heritage-related constraints to be addressed in the strategic development and financial planning framework for the building.”

Read more about this historic building by clicking here 

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