WEIGHING IN at Ballymaloe Grainstore

Ballymaloe Grainstore
23 October

WEIGHING IN at Ballymaloe Grainstore

WEIGHING IN at Ballymaloe Grainstore - Ring of Cork WEIGHING IN at Ballymaloe Grainstore - Ring of Cork

Tender and packed with laughs, Weighing In is a calorie-free treat.” –  Sunday Times

“infectiously enjoyable”- Irish Mail on Sunday


Weighing In, a fast-paced comedy play about life, love and dieting – and how we all need to adjust the scales to find the right balance – comes to Ballymaloe Grainstore on Friday 23 October at 8pm.

This topical play deals with the modern obsession of dieting.  Set in the Easi-Slim diet club we meet the driven Pam (Isobel Mahon of Glenroe and The Clinic) and the motherly Breda (Rose Henderson of Fair City and Father Ted). Both attend the weekly clinic for the weigh-in and strike up an unlikely friendship.

The Sunday Times says Weighing In is “tender and packed with laughs…a calorie-free treat” while the Irish Mail on Sunday calls it “infectiously enjoyable.”

As usual, pre-show dinner is available in Ballymaloe House at 6pm, but this time a delicious low calorie option will be on the menu for each of the three courses.   The ticket and dinner package is €67.  Ticket only for Weighing In is €22.

Easi-Slim’s recent new member – upwardly mobile Pam McGowan has cruised into town in her soft top sports car.  Pam has reached her target weight and has only signed up to maintain, and brag about the four stone she has lost.  Breda diligently attends the Easi-Slim meetings but just can’t manage to win the battle of the bulge– until Pam comes along to power-walk her into shape.

Breda becomes a disciple of the high-priestess of low-carbs and is bowled over by just how fabulous Pam’s jet-set lifestyle really is.  With her low-calorie intake and rigorous exercise regime, Pam certainly lives life in the fasting lane.  In fact, the only part of Pam that weighs too much is her over-bloated ego.  Breda’s gushing admiration for her new diet guru buddy only serves to make Pam all the more condescending and insufferable. However, when Pam’s mask begins to slip, Breda is reminded that things aren’t always what they appear to be. Sometimes, you already have the life you wished for.

Weighing In was written by Ger Gallagher and directed by Caroline Fitzgerald.

Tickets for Weighing In are €22 and may be booked on www.ballymaloegrainstore.com or 021-465 2531.  Ticket and pre-show dinner in Ballymaloe House (6pm) is available for €67.

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Organiser: Ballymaloe Grainstore

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