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THINGS LEFT – works by KANE DO opening at Sirius Arts Centre

Inspired by his investigations into issues surrounding personal identity, Berlin based artist, Kane Do, presents a series of works which consider the following questions:

 To what extent are various elements, which we as a society base our identity on, are truly inherent and how much is given/assigned by persons and organisations in positions of authority?   Are these two categories exclusive, or is there is negotiation between the two? How much of our identity is based on objective/fact and how much is based on faith/trust?

 Things Left is in part made up of a project created while Kane Do was in Residence with Sirius Arts Centre from October – November 2011.  During that time, he collaborated with students from the Crawford College of Arts and Design to create a project also dealing with these themes.

 Exhibition runs until Sunday 3 March


Gallery hours are

Wednesday – Friday 11Am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm/Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 5pm/Monday & Tuesday Closed


Feb 01 2013 - Mar 03 2013


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