Ghoulsley’s Manor 2018

26 October | Ring of Cork | Ghoulsleys Manor 2018

This Halloween immerse yourself into the spooky realms of Ghoulsley’s Manor….

Every year, our 200 year old murky mansion falls under the spell of Hallowe’en. Lose yourself amidst the candlelight and cobwebs in this fabulously quirky haunted manor… But this is no spooky spectacle. This is a halloween experience where you become part of the story that unfolds! Our 60 minute immersive theatrical experience allows young and old to interact with the creatures and ghoulish inhabitants of our Manor.  Our band of Witches, Vampires, Scaredycrows, to name a few, will help you to seek out Lucey Ghoulsley and help defeat the evil Málaskulla. Come and help us break the Curse of the Purple Pumpkin…

What to expect….

An hour long immersive and fully interactive theatrical experience that takes place indoors within the rooms of a 200 year old manor house, set on a private 17 acre estate. The secret location is just 20 minutes from Cork city and 5 minutes from Cobh.

The performance is eerie, spooky and funny and aims to be as entertaining for adults as it is for kids, (no gore or violence). We like to describe our experience as a Halloween Panto where the audience moves from scene to scene – up close and personal, interacting with the charactors!  With detailed sets and a stunning setting this experience allows children to fully immerse themselves in the fun and mischievousness of Halloween! Our experience is suitable for all the family but recommended for ages 4 years and up. The evening show ‘After Dark’ from 5.00pm will be recommended for ages 8 years+ and will have some darker twists and jump scares (to entertain braver kids!).

                               Meet our creepy butler and discover the story behind the Manor

                               Beware of the witch sisters casting their spells

                               Enjoy the antics of the Vampire being wound up by Scaredycrow – our pure Cork Scarecrow!

                               Find out what is going on in the Ghoulish Chefs Creepy kitchen

                               Defeat the evil Málaskulla and free Lucey Ghoulsley and banish him to the other realm

As always we never repeat a production. There is a new storyline and new cast of fun characters.


There are two shows at our Manor this year (click on the link for a direct link to booking page):

The Curse of the Purple Pumpkin – Suitable for 4-8 year olds

After Dark – Suitable for 8 years and up

Event Details

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