Fota Wildlife Park

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Address: Fota Island, Carrigtwohill, Co CorkWeb:

Fota Wildlife Park – Ring of Cork

FOTA Wildlife Park is not like an ordinary zoo. Wherever possible we have chosen animals that thrive in a free-range environment, which allows them to roam free, while mixed with other species and with us human visitors!

These species are also able to adjust to the Irish Climate. The animals themselves make the choice of seeking shelter when necessary. In some cases, for example the giraffes, only a barrier separates visitors from the animals but this is always unobtrusive and does not reduce the animals’ quality of life.

Visitor Information

Membership to Fota Wildlife Park - Ring of Cork can be taken out for up to 12 months. This allows visitors to come to the park as often as they like during the year.
Terms & Conditions apply to membership of Fota Wildlife Park.